Starfleet Maneuvers
Challenge Cards

Rarity Challenge Rarity Challenge
Common Akuta Common Mirror Marlena
Common Alice Series Android Rare Mirror Spock
Rare Apollo Rare Mirror Sulu
Common Arne Darvin Common Nitz Baris
Common Captain Koloth Common Norman
Common Colonel Fellini Common Redjac
Uncommon Commodore Matt Decker Common Stella
Common Companion Common Sylvia
Uncommon Deadly Flora Common Teer Akaar
Common Eleen Uncommon T'Pau
Common Feeders of Vaal Very Rare T'Pring
Common Giant Black Cat Common Tribbles (Bowl)
Common Jarvis Uncommon Tribbles (Chekov and Uhura)
Common Korax Common Tribbles (Dinner)
Common Korob Rare Vaal
Common Maab Common Zombie Crew
Rare Mirror Chekov
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