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English and German Set Comparisons

First, this card was produced for the English set, but not produced for the German Set. No explanation is available online regarding why this card was not produced.
English German
Ben Childress Ben Childress
The German version of the card is created by me.
Translation by Yvonne at Comic-Planet-As in Germany.
If you would like to download the card click here:
Front Ben Childress card Back Das version
Print on card stock. Both images are 600 dpi. Print one image and then flip over the paper and print the second image on the back. This card is provided for individual use to "complete" their set and include the missing card. The card may be used in gaming tournaments, although it may not be considered tournament legal since it was never officially released. Card may not be sold due to copyright laws. Card image may not be modified, reposted or redistributed without my consent. Please do not link directly to the images, please link to this page.

Second, The German Mudd's Women Challenge card is missing it's action
Mudd's Women (Ch) - Challenge Die Frauen des Mr. Mudd

Third, The image is different on the Have Some Tranya card
Have Some Tranya Nehmt etwas Tranya

Fourth, Mears rank is different depending on which set you have
Yeoman Mears Lieutenant Mears

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