Starfleet Maneuvers
Episode Mission/Plot/Discovery Cards

Rarity Episode Card and Type Rarity Episode Card and Type
Uncommon Amok Time (M) - Mission Uncommon The Changeling (M) - Mission
Rare Amok Time (P) - Plot Very Rare The Changeling (P) - Plot
Uncommon Amok Time (D) - Discovery Rare The Changeling (D) - Discovery
Very Rare Catspaw (M) - Mission Common The Deadly Years (M) - Mission
Uncommon Catspaw (P) - Plot Very Rare The Deadly Years (P) - Plot
Very Rare Catspaw (D) - Discovery Rare The Deadly Years (D) - Discovery
Uncommon Friday's Child (M) - Mission Very Rare The Doomsday Machine (M) - Mission
Very Rare Friday's Child (P) - Plot Uncommon The Doomsday Machine (P) - Plot
Very Rare Friday's Child (D) - Discovery Very Rare The Doomsday Machine (D) - Discovery
Very Rare I, Mudd (M) - Mission Uncommon The Trouble With Tribbles (M) - Mission
Uncommon I, Mudd (P) - Plot Very Rare The Trouble With Tribbles (P) - Plot
Very Rare I, Mudd (D) - Discovery Common The Trouble With Tribbles (D) - Discovery
Uncommon Metamorphosis (M) - Mission Very Rare Who Mourns For Adonais? (M) - Mission
Rare Metamorphosis (P) - Plot Uncommon Who Mourns For Adonais? (P) - Plot
Very Rare Metamorphosis (D) - Discovery Common Who Mourns For Adonais? (D) - Discovery
Common Mirror, Mirror (M) - Mission Rare Wolf In The Fold (M) - Mission
Very Rare Mirror, Mirror (P) - Plot Uncommon Wolf In The Fold (P) - Plot
Uncommon Mirror, Mirror (D) - Discovery Common Wolf In The Fold (D) - Discovery
Uncommon The Apple (M) - Mission
Common The Apple (P) - Plot
Very Rare The Apple (D) - Discovery
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