Inquest #9 January 1996
The Final Frontier
The coolest Star Trek cards you'll never see.
Not enough half-naked green chicks or extraneuos personnel who can be sucked dry by salt creatures. That's our biggest complaint about Decipher's Star Trek: The Next Generation Customizable Card Game. While it's pretty cool and all, it needs more of the hokey stuff that only the original Trek can provide. Since Skybox is working on a game based on the classic TV show ("Where No Game Has Gone Before," Notes & News, Inquest#8), we thought we'd clue them in to the kind of stuff we want to (but probably never) see in Star Trek card games. We think you'll fined that we've captured that special magic that made the TV show so...special. Are you taking notes, Skybox? Here we go!
Inquest #9 January 1996
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Worn-Out Premise - All Space Roads Lead to Rome
Plot Cliché - Red Shirt Syndrome
Hackneyed Dialogue - Damn it I'm a Doctor Not a...
Beefcake - Shirtless Kirk
Hammy Acting - Get Off My Shirt, Mister!
Familiar Scenery - Home Court Advantage
Cheesy Camerawork - Direct Hit!
Cheap Prop - Styrofoam Rock Weapon
Interrupt - Commercial Break

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