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Skybox took notes regarding the crew cards. They created a lot of crew cards. This included using unnamed background crewman and giving them names. Some of the crew cards were given names of employees of Paramount Pictures/Viacom and Fleer/Skybox.

Name Company Job Card Rarity Set
Steve DomzalskiFleer/SkyboxLead Game Designer & Director of Card GamesLieutenant Steve DomzalskiVery RareSFM
Ron PerazzaFleer/SkyboxMain assistant to Steve Domzalski at Fleer/SkyboxLieutenant Ron PerazzaVery RareSFM
Karen GreeneFleer/SkyboxFleer/Skybox EmployeeYeoman Karen GreeneCommonBasic
Cheryl ThomasParamount/ViacomParamount/Viacom employeeNurse Cheryl ThomasVery RareSFM
Thom ParhamParamount/ViacomWriter for Paramount/Viacom TV showsLieutenant Thom ParhamVery RareBasic
Chip CarterParamount/ViacomApproved comic book scripts between 1995 and 2000Lieutenant Chip CarterVery RareSFM

Skybox took notes
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